What is Staging to Sell?

Staging to sell is the art form of readying any property for sale. We will evaluate your property to achieve the ultimate showing condition for the widest audience of potential buyers. Statistics show that Staging your home gives your property an advantage over the competition. Normally, this results in a higher return and less market time.

Why should you Stage your home?

If you were to sell your car, would you sell it in “as is” condition, or would you detail it first? Your home is, most likely, your most valuable asset—why wouldn’t you show it at its maximum potential by detailing it first?

As a Staged home, your property will be set apart from the competition because it has a well-maintained, updated, fresh appearance. Your competition may even be model homes—to compete, you will need to show your home almost as if it were a model!

How do you benefit from Staging your home?

Your profit will be increased!
Homes that sell in the first week on the market historically sell @ asking price or closest to it which means more $ for you!

The prestige factor: Your home will stand out from and beat the competition!
Staged homes stand superior to the competition and typically sell faster. These homes are recognized by Real Estate Agents as “show ready” and result in more activity and exposure for your property.

Your property can be registered by the Realtor in the MLS as a Staged Home and can also be placed on the Stagedhomes.com website (when Staged by an ASP® Stager) for greater internet presence.

Your stress will be reduced!
Selling and moving are stressful times in your life. Staging aids in the moving process by helping you to get organized and pack up excess items early. Our Staging Consultation creates an action plan that will enhance the strong points of your home and suggest solutions for any perceived weaker areas. Typically, your home will be on the market for a shorter period of time which means less stressful “showing” time!

When should a home be Staged?

BEFORE the sign goes up in the yard!

Because it should look its best before:
Realtors view it… price is determined… photos are taken… and potential buyers make a first impression.

My house is already on the market. Is it too late to Stage it?

Definitely not! While Staging a property before it goes on the market is the best scenario, Staging it afterwards will truly enhance its salability. In some circumstances, we might recommend you take your property temporarily off the market while you make necessary improvements and then re-market it, inviting previous interested buyers/agents back to view the property again!

My house was professionally decorated (or decorated by me) and it looks great already. Why should I bother Staging it?

Decorating reflects your personality. The purpose of Staging is to allow any potential buyer to envision your home as their home.

I’d rather sell “as is”—I don’t want to spend another dime…what’s wrong with that?

Our Staging Consultation/Bid will address the repairs/enhancements that will ultimately increase the market value of your property. We can tell you honestly what most likely will and will not give you a return for your investment.

An “as is” house gives potential buyers the impression that they have leverage for “allowances” and opens up negotiations. If adequate improvements are made, there is no need for negotiations. Also, an “allowance” for a perceived imperfection will always be more than the needed repair/replacement cost. We have found that an investment in Staging is always less than a price reduction!

I’ve moved out and my property is vacant. Should it be Staged?

Vacant homes are usually cold and void of character. Small rooms actually appear smaller and larger rooms appear hollow. By Staging with accessories and minimal furniture, rooms are warmed and buyers can envision how their things might fit. Order in the House Staging Services works in conjunction with several furniture rental companies to enhance properties when larger furniture pieces are needed.


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Result: My home sold in 7 days ABOVE asking price. I do not believe this would have been possible without the help of Order in the House. Do not sell your home without them.
Dena M. – Lake Zurich
Sold in one weekend with three offers! You did it again!!! Thank you, thank you….you have made a believer out of me
Ginny Opsahl, REMAX at Home, Rolling Meadows
You did a great job in the short time I asked of you and the results are very nice!!!! You managed to work around my antiques and even used that glitzy pillow I was going to give to Good Will…
Ruth Ann M. – Hawthorn Woods